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4/15/2013 - Patriot's Day in Boston ... a day meant to celebrate the battles of Lexington and Concord which open the American Revolution, and to acknowledge the efforts of athletes from around the world running in the legendary Boston Marathon, is instead transformed into a day of horror by a couple of mentally defective siblings from the Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan (by way of Chechnya), 26-year-old Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev and 22-year-old Dzhokhar Anzorovich "Jahar" Tsarnaev, that set off two pressure cooker bombs in the crowd watching the race.
Tamerlan tsarnaev boxing cropped.png Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (crop).jpg
Tamerlan & Dzhokhar

Members of a family that cons the Federal government into granting it asylum from Soviet persecution, instead of being grateful for finding a place of freedom to live, with the help of the pudding heads at the Islamic Society of Boston mosque near Cambridge, the influence of another transplant, Mikhail Allakhverdov from Rhode Island by way of Azerbaijan, and Tamerlan's 2012 visit to Russia, the pair transform into crazed Muslim fanatics ... the kind that punch a non-Muslim kid in the face because he had the temerity to ask their sister out on a date, that stop smoking and drinking and generally doing anything that can be categorized as having fun, fly across country to beat up a cheating brother-in-law, call a girlfriend a slut in public, hate America, verbally abuse people celebrating Thanksgiving, disrupt a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day sermon because King is compared to the prophet Muhammad, and start thinking about murderous ways they can get the Islamic chips off their shoulders in a dramatic fashion (there is evidence still being investigated that before the Boston bombings, the pair cut the throats of two Jewish men, Erik Weissman and Raphael Teken, and their roommate, Brendan Mess, in Waltham, Massachusetts on 9/11, 2011, to honor the anniversary of the Twin Towers coming down).  Feasting on a multitude of hate sites on the Internet, from an on-line al-Qaeda magazine the brothers learn how to turn a standard small pressure cooker into a deadly bomb (full of ball-bearing type metallic beads and small carpenter nails).
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The Murdered Waltham Men

Target selected and two bombs built, it is a fine day in Boston until 2:49 in the afternoon, about two hours after that year's winner (Geoffrey Mutai in the record time of 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 2 seconds) crosses the finish line of the marathon (with over 5,000 more runners still on the course) on Boylston Street near Copley Square, when the devices the brothers have brought to the event, hidden in backpacks, detonate within 12 seconds of each other (the bombs are 210 yards apart).  Flash, in an instant, 29-year-old restaurant manager Krystle Marie Campbell of Medford, Massachusetts, 23-year-old Chinese national and Boston University graduate student Lu Lingzi, and 8-year-old Martin William Richard from the Dorchester region of Boston have their lives snuffed out (at his trial, asswipe Dzhokhar will describe them as "collateral damage" for America's military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq).  Additionally, 264 more people require treatment at 27 local hospitals (most with lower leg injuries and shrapnel wounds), with 16 losing limbs, and 3 losing more than one limb.
Humanoids On The Prowl (Tamerlan In Front)
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Waiting To Go Off
Image result for boston marathon bombing
Moment Of Horror
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Site Of The Tragedy
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Metal Pressure Cooker Fragment

Major national and international news, authorities searching everywhere for the culprits, in the Big Brother decade in which seemingly everyone has a video recorder and camera in their cell phones, it doesn't take long for the twin perps to be identified.  Faces found and identified, before the police can locate the monsters however, they are unfortunately able to senselessly end another life, shooting 27-year-old Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Department officer Sean A. Collier six times as he sits in his police car near the Stata Center on campus.  Figuring that the authorities will soon know the pair are in a Honda Civic, the killers carjack the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV of Chinese national, Dun Meng.  A mistake, things fall apart for the men when stopping for gas before driving to New York City (to try their bombs out in Times Square), Meng manages to escape, goes to another gas station nearby, and calls 911 to report he has been with the bombers only moments before ... and since his cell phone is still in his stolen vehicle, the authorities have a means of locating the brothers.  Shortly after midnight on 4/19, Watertown police officer Joseph Reynolds does just that and authorities are soon swarming the area.  
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Image result for sean a collier murder scene
Crime Scene

A gun battle between the brothers and police ensues on the 100 block of Laurel Street in which over 300 rounds of ammunition are exchanged between the combatants, another bomb is detonated, and several homemade grenades are thrown (in the firefight, 33-year-old officer Richard H. Donohue, Jr. takes a life-threatening bullet wound he will survive to the thigh, and 15 other police officers sustain minor injuries).  Running out of ammo, Tamerlan throws his empty pistol at Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese, and is then tackled by the sergeant and Sgt. John MacLellan.  Attempting to assist his brother, Dzhokhar puts the SUV in reverse and floors it (or just to escape the scene) ... the two sergeants get out of the way just in time, but the wounded Tamerlan is less quick and is run over by his brother and drug a short distance down the street.  Taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, he dies from gunshot wounds to the torso and extremities, and from blunt trauma (being run over) to the head and torso.
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Tamerlan At The Morgue

Abandoning the SUV a block away, Dzhokhar runs away on foot and vanishes into the night ... but not for long.  Asked by Governor Deval Patrick asks the citizens of Watertown (and the adjacent towns of Allston-Brighton, Boston, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, and Waltham) to stay off the streets, and authorities (on the scene are members of the FBI, the Bureau of Alchol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Department of Homeland Security, the state National Guard, the Boston and Watertown Police departments, and the Massachusetts State Police) cordon off a 20-block section of the town, and in full tactical gear, begin a house-to-house search of the area, assisted by helicopters and armored vehicles.  On the night of 4/19, the search comes to an end.  Just outside the cordoned area, two hours after the "shelter in place" order for the area is lifted, resident David Henneberry notices the cover on the boat he owns in his backyard is askew.  Investigating, he lifts the cover and discovers a bloody man lying inside, and then runs in to his house and calls 911.  Police responding, when a infrared thermal imaging device shows Dzhokhar apparently pushing up the cover to confront his pursuers, they open up with their guns on the boat ... and don't stop firing until told to do so by the Superintendent on the scene.  Transported to the same hospital that bombing victims and his brother were treated at, the killer somehow survives gun shot wounds to the left ear, neck, and thigh, and a skull fracture (poor baby, a nurse reports that when he finally awakes from his many traumas, he cries for two days straight).
Deval 2.jpg
Governor Patrick
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No Hiding From Thermal Imagery
Image result for tsarnaev capture
Image result for tsarnaev capture

Eventually recovered, Dzhokhar goes on trial for his many murderous misdeeds on 1/5/2015, and slam dunk correctly so, is found guilty on all 30 counts on his indictment and is sentenced to death by lethal injection.  Milking the system for all the appeal time he can, the punk killer currently resides with a rogue's gallery of international and domestic terrorists, traitors, organized crime figures, and other humanoid beasts at the maximum security United States Penitentiary located in Florence, Colorado.  One brother down, one brother to go!     
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Home Before Hell!
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The Charmering Dzhokar Tsarnaev

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