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4/16/2007 - Sadly, in Blacksburg, Virginia, a mentally challenged 23-year-old maggot from South Korea (who won't be shown or named here) decides his solution to having a bad life is to commit suicide by putting a bullet in his brain ... after first turning the American Dream of bettering oneself with education into a nightmare slaughter of 32 innocent individuals (17 more will be wounded, along with six people that are injured going out of windows to escape) on the shocked campus of Virginia Tech.
A crowd of people holding candles.
4/17 Candlelight Vigil

The victims:
*19-year-old freshman Emily Hilscher from Woodville, Virginia
*22-year-old senior and resident assistant Ryan Clark from Martinez, Georgia
*53-year-old Engineering Professor G. V. Loganathan from India
125 × 163 pixels Loganathan
*20-year-old sophomore Ross Alameddine from Saugus, Massachusetts 
*35-year-old German instructor Jamie Bishop from Pine Mountain, Georgia

*25-year-old Civil Engineering masters student Brian Bluhm from Louisville, Kentucky
*18-year-old freshman Austin Cloyd from Champaign, Illinois
*49-year-old French Professor Jocelyne Couture-Nowak from Montreal, Canada
*21-year-old junior Daniel Perez Cueva from Woodbridge, Virginia
*45-year-old Engineering Professor Kevin Granata from Toledo, Ohio
*24-year-old Environmental Engineering masters student Matthew Gwaltney from Chesterfield County, Virginia
*19-year-old sophomore Caitlin Hammaren from Westtown, New York
*27-year-old Civil Engineering masters student Jeremy Herbstritt from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
*18-year-old freshman Rachael Hill from Richmond, Virginia
*20-year-old sophomore Matthew La Porte from Dumont, New Jersey
*22-year-old senior Jarrett Lane from Narrows, Virginia
*20-year-old freshman Henry Lee from Roanoke, Virginia, by way of Vietnam
*76-year-old Engineering Professor Liviu Librescu from Ploesti, Romania
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*34-year-old Civil Engineering PhD student Partahi Lumbantoruan from Medan, Indonesia
*20-year-old freshman Lauren McCain from Hampton, Virginia
*22-year-old Environmental Engineering masters student Daniel O'Neil from Lincoln, Rhode Island
*26-year-old Civil Engineering masters student Juan Ortiz from Bayamon, Puerto Rico
*26-year-old Architecture masters student Minal Panchal from Mumbai, India
*18-year-old freshman Erin Peterson from Centreville, Virginia
*23-year-old senior Michael Pohle, Jr., from Flemington, New Jersey
*23-year-old Biological Systems Engineering masters student Julia Pryde of Middletown Township, New Jersey
*19-year-old freshman Mary Karen Read from Annandale, Virginia
*18-year-old freshman Reema Samaha from Centreville, Virginia
*32-year-old Civil Engineering PhD student Waleed Shaalan from Zagazig, Egypt
*20-year-old junior Leslie Sherman from Springfield, Virginia
*22-year-old senior Maxine Turner from Vienna, Virginia
*20-year-old junior Nichole White from Smithfield, Virginia
Orange balloons rising above Lane Stadium, with everyone in the stands wearing maroon or orange, and the stadium scoreboard in the background.
32 Balloon Release - Home Opener 
Football - 2007

Not forgotten ... may they all rest in peace!
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