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1/16/1936 - The state of New York does the world an immense service by executing one of the foulest individuals ever to live ... child rapist, kidnapper, murderer, and cannibal ... a horror nicknamed The Grey Man, The Werewolf of Wysteria, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Moon Maniac, and The Boogey Man ... Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish

                                                                  Albert Fish

Outwardly appearing to be a friendly handyman and house painter, a husband, and the father of six, Fish spends decades secretly raping children, practicing sexual mutilation and sadomasochism (not caring whether he gives or receives the pain, along with the gratification he finds in torturing others, he will burn and whip himself repeatedly, and when the moon is full, thrust sewing needles into his body) and engaging in grand larceny before graduating to more heinous deeds.  Claiming to have raped, killed, and eaten children in every state, no one will ever be able to prove how many innocents the madman savages ... what is known though is that using the alias Frank Howard, Fish is able to convince the family of twelve-year-old Grace Budd to allow him to take the youngster to the fictitious birthday party of a niece.  She will never be seen alive again. 

                                                             Grace Budd

Allowed to walk off with Budd, Fish will take the girl to an isolated cottage he uses for his molestations, and there he will strangle, rape, and eat Budd in June of 1928.

                                                           Murder Cabin

Drawing pleasure from remembering what he did, and from the pain he knows he is causing to the little girl's family, six years after the murder, Fish will provide police with the clue they need to stop him when the monster writes a vile anonymous letter to Budd's mother that the authorities are able to track back to its source.

                                   Fish and his lawyer, James Dempsey

On March 11, 1935, Fish goes on trial for murder, and trying to save him from electrocution at Sing Sing Prison by way of showing he is totally insane, his defense lawyer, James Dempsey allows all of the maniac's many depravities to be documented to the jury.  One shocked psychiatrist who interviews Fish and testifies at the trial will state that the defendant has lived a life of "... unparalleled perversity.  There was no known perversion that he did not practice, and practice frequently."  Judged by all in the courtroom to be absolutely bonkers after ten days of testimony, the jury nonetheless decides Fish is too awful to be allowed to live and finds him guilty of the murder of Budd.  Horrified by what he has heard, Judge Frederick P. Close gladly sentences Fish to death.  

                             X-ray of the pelvic region of Fish showing some
                                    of the twenty-nine needles the psycho
                                          has jammed into his scrotum

Nuts for sure ... while waiting for his execution day to arrive, Fish tells authorities he is looking forward to getting jolted, "It will be the supreme thrill.  The only one I haven't tried."  On the day of his "thrill," Fish walks briskly into the death room, jumps into the electric chair, and helps his executioner fix the electrodes to his legs ... ready to go.  A slight problem arises though when the juice is turned on, a massive charge of 3,000 volts ... so many pins and needles are in the body of the madman that a short circuit is created (along with a small puff of blue smoke over Fish's head).  Reaping machine fixed, the second charge however does the job and Fish is finally sent off to explain his many sins to Satan.

                                                        A living nightmare

As a coda for the event, at a meeting with reporter's after the execution, Fish's lawyer reveals that he is in possession of a "final statement" from his client, but having read the document, Dempsey declares of the several pages of handwritten notes, "I will never show it to anyone.  It was the most filthy string of obscenities that I have ever read." 

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