Thursday, September 20, 2012


9/20/1926 - Proving that a gangster that follows a set of routines is just asking to be killed, Al Capone is almost hit by his rivals in Chicago's North Side Gang.  


Lunching as he commonly does at the restaurant of the Hawthorne Hotel in Cicero, Illinois, the hotel that serves as the headquarters for Capone's underworld activities, the gangster and his bodyguard Frankie Rio hit the floor immediately when a car pulls up outside and unleashes a barrage of Tommy-gun fire.

                                                        Frankie Rio

Seeking to retaliate, when the firing stops, Capone jumps up and heads for the door, intent on firing at the fleeing vehicle, but the attack has been a ruse to create exactly that reaction from the mobster, blanks being fired to draw the mob boss outside where the real assault is to take place.  Deducing what is coming from the lack of shattered glass, Rio tackles his boss at the door and covers him with his own body.  And not a moment too soon, as Capone and Rio lay on the floor, a convoy of ten large touring cars filled with gangsters led by Hymie Weiss and Bugs Moran slowly passes by out front and fires machine guns, shotguns, and automatic pistols at the restaurant ... a hailstorm lasting minutes of over 1,000 rounds of lead sent out in search of Capone.

                                                                   Hymie Weiss
                                                            Bugs Moran
Amazingly, although an estimated 60 people also occupy the dining room with Capone and his bodyguard, only one person, a woman, is injured in the attack when she is struck in the eye by flying glass ... a wound that Capone gladly pays $10,000 to have treated so he can brag to the local newspapers that he saved the woman's sight. 

                                  Police and others outside after the attack

Rattled by his near death experience, Capone calls for a truce with his enemies, but it doesn't last long and weeks later he will have six of his men machine gun to death Weiss as the gangster is about to enter the flower shop where he has his headquarters on State Street ... and he doesn't forget the other individual responsible for the attack, Moran he will attempt to kill in a little bit of death dealing that will go down in criminal history as the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

                                        Payback a bitch, Weiss in death

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