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1/6/1933 - Tragedy strikes at the Dallas home of Lillian McBride when Clyde Barrow walks into a police ambush set up to capture Texas bank robber Odell Chambless.

                                                  Clyde Barrow

Hoping to spring his partner Raymond Hamilton from police custody, earlier in the week Clyde has given Hamilton's sister, Lillian McBride, a radio with hacksaws inside for McBride to give to her brother.  On the night of the 6th, Clyde returns to the shack house McBride lives in to see if his gift to his friend has been delivered.  Unfortunately though, for a chance at a lighter sentence, West Dallas thief Les Stewart has told authorities that fugitive bank robber Chambless, wanted for a heist the previous year in Fort Worth and also an associate of Raymond Hamilton, is a frequent visitor to McBride's home causing a posse to put a stakeout on the place.

                                                 Raymond Hamilton

Authorized by newly elected Dallas County Sheriff Richard "Smoot" Schmid, at 11:00 in the evening Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney W. T. Evans, Special Ranger J. F. Van Noy, Dallas Deputy Sheriff Fred Bradberry, and Fort Worth Detectives Dusty Rhodes and Malcolm Davis arrive at the McBride residence to set up their ambush ... Bradberry, Evans, and Van Noy take up positions in the small front room of the darkened house, while Rhodes and Davis wait outside on the back porch.

                                                 Schmid in the dark suit

Shortly after midnight, a Ford V-8 coupe with its lights off drives slowly past the house on North Winnetka, turns at the corner, quietly returns, and parks ... inside are Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, and new gang member W.D. Jones.  Alert for danger, Clyde gets out of the car carrying a shotgun at his side and walks toward the front porch, but before he can arrive, he is greeted from inside by a scream from Hamilton's youngest sister, Maggie Farris.  Warned that all is not right, Clyde instantly brings up his shotgun and blasts in the front window of the home, causing the lawmen on its other side to throw themselves to the floor.  Finding his first shot has jammed the shotgun, the outlaw then backs away from the porch as he draws the spent cartridge out of the breech of his weapon and reloads ... just as fifty-one-year-old Davis, responding to the gunfire at the front of the house, runs around to the front yard and finds himself only inches away from Clyde ... a recipe for disaster.  And disaster it is for Clyde does not hesitate for even a split second in shooting Davis at point-blank range, blowing an instantly fatal buckshot hole in the lawman's chest.


At this point Rhodes arrives from the back and begins shooting, the three lawmen in the house rise and beginning shooting, and from the Ford, Jones begins sending return gunfire at McBride's home.  In the ensuing mayhem of noise and slugs, Clyde takes off and begins running between houses, while Bonnie, seeing the direction in which Clyde is sprinting, pulls away from the curb at tire screeching speed and eventually picks up her boyfriend on nearby Eagle Ford Road.  

                      Re-enactment of the crime ... hatted man is Chief
                                of Detectives Bill Decker in the role of Clyde

Gone in seconds, Clyde has killed for the second time in the short span of only two weeks ... Davis is the fifth murder the outlaw has been involved in ... and it will not be his last.

                                       Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

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