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7/22/1934 - The accepted story of course is that using information supplied by the infamous "Woman in Red," Anna Sage, a prostitute from Romania seeking to avoid deportation on morals charges, Public Enemy #1, John Dillinger was gunned down outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago when attempting to draw a pistol from his pants pocket he fled from federal agents and East Chicago police officers under the direction of Melvin Purvis.

                                                              Going Cold

But is that what really happened?  If the "Jackrabbit" got it as the legend tells, then how do these issues with the killing get resolved (and remember, when Dillinger joined the name and when he went to prison accurate physical measurements that matched each other were taken of the outlaw):

*The corpse presented to the Cook County coroner had brown eyes, but Dillinger's were blue.
*With the muscle relaxation of death, bodies grow slightly taller, yet the Dillinger corpse was half an inch shorter.
*The fingerprints taken from the body identified as Dillinger were not an exact match for those on file at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.
*The stress of being the most hunted man in America caused Dillinger to lose weight while he was on the run, yet the corpse is heavier than Dillinger's stated weight.
*Why did the official autopsy report vanish?
*The gun displayed for years as being taken from Dillinger after he was shot wasn't manufactured until 1935 ... a year AFTER the events outside the Biograph.

                                                         Gunned Down

*Wounds on the body did not match known bullet hits Dillinger took in several of his robberies.
*When a copy of the original autopsy report is found over thirty years later (the doctor who performed the procedure made himself a copy otherwise the details of body analysis would have been lost forever), the entry angle of the wounds noted could only have come from firing DOWN into a body.
*What happened to the thousands of dollars Anna Sage said that Dillinger was carrying at the time of the murder ... when the corpse arrives at the morgue it has slightly over seven dollars to its name.
*In the meat wagon the corpse can be seen wearing a ruby ring, but when its person effects are documented, no ring is noted (see left hand below).

                                                                 Off to the morgue

*Why did hundreds of people in Dillinger's hometown of Mooresville say the corpse on display at the local funeral parlor was not the bandit?
*The corpse was identified as having a debilitating heart condition that could have caused an early did, and that did lead to major surgery documented on the body by a long healed major scar running from the outlaw's chest to his belly ... but the Navy, prison, captured gang members, and his girlfriend Billie Frechette, never mentioned the condition and throughout his brief outlaw career Dillinger was known for the athletic manner in which he robbed banks and ran from his deeds.

                                                        Dead On Arrival

*Two days after the outlaw's official funeral, his father has the body dug up and then reburied under tons of concrete and steel bars creating an underground tomb that can never be opened without completely destroying whatever is left of the body within ... why and where did the money come from for the operation?

Questions and issues that now can no longer be resolved ... could the FBI have killed a Dillinger look-a-like and then covered up the deed to preserve Hoover's job ... who can say, but whether killed as his legend is told or able to pull off an escape even better than his wooden gun antics at Crown Point, somewhere John Dillinger is wearing his trademark crooked grin!


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