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8/27/1926 - Fleeing from their latest outrage, taking roughly $14,000 out of two banks in the town of Covington, outlaw brothers Matt and George Kimes add murder to an Oklahoma summer spree of crime that has already included a jailbreak and four bank robberies.

                                                             George Kimes
                                                             Matt Kimes

Identified as potential outlaws when George pays for gas in the town of Muskogee from a large roll of cash he is carrying in his pocket and an alert citizen in Weber Falls notices the big Buick sedan the boys are driving is wearing a truck license plate, a road block is established near the town of Sallisaw consisting of a blocking police car parked in the middle of the road, Chief J. C. Woll, and Sheriff Deputies Perry Chuculate, Bert Cotton, and Dan Sharp. Waiting for action, Woll and Chuculate stay with the car while Cotton and Sharp take up positions behind large rocks on either side of the road.  They do not have to wait long.  Skidding to a halt when they crest a rise in the road and come upon the police, the Kimes brothers jump out of their car and instantly begin firing.  George, using a high-powered deer rifle puts a fatal round through the neck of Chuculate and downs Cotton with a glancing blow to the lawman's temple, while Matt opens fire with a double-barreled shotgun that sends buckshot into Woll's face and shoulder.  Meanwhile, valuing his life and deciding he's seen enough, Sharp is flees for help.

                                                               Percy Chuculate

One-sided battle over, the brothers abandon their holed Buick (the radiator and a tire have been punctured) and claim as their prize the police car of Chief Woll, and as insurance in case there are more problems on their way back home to Arkansas, they take Woll and a farmer who has been watching the gunfight, Wesley Ross, as hostages.  And problems there will be, for after letting their hostages go free the next day, they are discovered in the town of Rudy, Arkansas hiding in the home of their cousin Ben Pixley.  This time though the Kimes boys lose the exchange of lead they have with the police, and when both are wounded, they surrender to authorities.  Found guilty of numerous crimes, both brothers will be sentenced to long terms in prison, but only George will serve his, for Matt, there were more robberies, gun battles, murders and jail breaks ahead. 

                  Matt Kimes and Ray Doolin after being captured near the Grand Canyon in 1927

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